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On Line Services

Some Registry Links May be Unavailable at this time

- we are working to Maintain them. 

Should be available & Up to date soon.  Thank you for your understanding

Registry On-Line Links and Services

Helpful links to put you right were you need to be instead of navigating through the Mass RMV website.  We’ve compiled many of the pages from the Mass Registry that we feel are most frequently asked about and used.

If the link you are looking for is not on this page, you may click here to take you directly to the Mass Registry’s Home Page where you can search what you need.

Registry Branch Information and wait times (link)

Cancel Registration/Plates

The registry no longer requires that you bring your plates into their local branches.  They simply ask that once you cancel your plates on line, that you destroy and dispose of them appropriately.  Please notify our office that you have successfully cancelled your plates so we may remove the vehicle from your policy.  You may also want to notify your city/town assessor’s office if you no longer own this vehicle so they may abate your excise tax.  We can still physically return your plates through our agency runner service if needed.   Click here for link.

Registration Renewals

You may use this link to renew your registration as long as you have an active policy and your RMV-2 card that was mailed to you indicates that an insurance stamp is not needed.  If you find that you are having any trouble renewing on this site, our agency will be happy to assist you.  We also have a runner service that can bring your renewal to the registry for you if need it.   Click here for link.

Change of Address

The Registry can now change addresses for individuals on line, you will receive an email to confirm that your address has been changed in their system successfully.  You may at that time place a label sticker on you license and registration, as they will not send you anything.  Please be sure to contact our office with your new address as well so we may correct your policy to ensure that everything you need is sent to the right place. Click here for link.

Driver’s License Renewal

Mass Driver’s licenses are valid for 5 years at a time, and will expire on your birthday.  You may renew your license up to a year before it will expire.  Feel free to call our office anytime if you feel you may be close and would like to check the status of your license.  We can also check if there are any outstanding tickets or taxes that may block your ability to renew on-line.  Click here for link.

New Vehicle Registrations and Transfers

This option is not available on-line at this time.  You will need to contact our office so we can help you fill out the proper paperwork that will need to be stamped by us prior to going to the Registry.  We are able to do much of this either in person at our office, or through email whichever is more convenient for you.  Feel free however to review the Registry’s link that explains this procedure and the documents that will be required.  Prince Insurance Agency customers have the option of using our runner service their registration needs.  Use this link to review the registry’s procedures and required forms. Click here for link.

Miscellaneous Registration Transactions, Forms

Duplicate Registration/Plates

Duplicate Title

Mass Sales Tax Exemption Forms

Massachusetts charges a 6.25% sales tax on the purchase of a motor vehicle.  If the vehicle is purchased from a licensed Massachusetts Auto dealer the tax will be based on the sale price.  If you are purchasing a vehicle as a private sale, then the sales tax will be based on the registry’s book value, or the sale price whichever is higher.  Feel free to call our office is you would like help finding this information out.

MVU24– Standard Gift form, $25 gift fee.  Use this link to print out this form.

MVU26 - Family Gift form, must be immediate family member (Spouse, Son, Daughter, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother), $0.00 fully exempt from sales tax.  Use this link to print out this form.

Handicap Plate/Placard Application

This form will need to be filled in by your doctor and sent into the medical affairs office of the Registry within 30 days of your doctor signing the application.  The placard is recommended over the plate for the convenience of being able to use it in vehicles other than you own. Click here for link.

Veterans Plates

First and most importantly, Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country.  This link will enable you to view the different plates that are available to our veterans and the fees associated with the different plates. As a token of our gratitude to you, our agency will pay the running service fee associated with obtaining your veterans plates.  Click here for link.

Special Plates

This link will allow you to view the variety of plates available for Massachusetts residents.  Many of them are not only really cool looking, but they also help to benefit local and state wide charities.  Please contact our office if you wish to purchase a set of these plates, as there is registry required applications that will need to be stamped by us prior to visiting a registry branch.   Click here for link.

Fee Chart

Please feel free to brows the Registry’s web site for anything you may need information about that is not set up or easily found on our page: MassGov

On-Line Services

With On-line bill pay and On-line claims reporting, you have 24/7 access 365 days a year!!

Here you will find contact information and links to many of the major Insurance companies that we carry.  If you need contact information for a company that you do not see on this page, please feel free to call or email our office and we will be happy to help you.

Please Note: Our office does accept  Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Credit Cards. Credit/Debit card payments may be subject to a convenience fee, please call our office for more information regarding this service.

Insurance Company Contact Information and Links

Commerce Ins. / Mapfre

Billing: 1-800-221-1605, press 2

Claims: 1-800-221-1605, press 1

On-line link to billing services:

Mapfre/Commerce On-line link to Claim Reporting Services


Phenix Mutual

Billing: 1-800-343-5888

On-line Billing Link

Claims: 1-800-343-5888

On-line Claim Link


Hingham Mutual/NLC Ins. Co

Billing: 1-800-962-0800 x4235

On-line Billing Link

Claims: 1-800-962-0800

On-line Claim Link

Toll Free: 877-383-1742
After Hours: 866-675-7978
(Emergency Claims Only)


UPC – United Property & Casualty

Billing: 1-800-295-8016

On-line Billing link

Claims: 1-800-861-4370

On-line Claim link


Mass Property Ins. (MPIUA)

Billing: On-line Billing link

By phone: call our office – 978-283-7314

Claims: On-line claim reporting


Honor Capital- Premium Finance Specialists

Pay by phone: 413-650-5525 or our office 978-283-7314

On Line Payment


Request a Certificate of Insurance or Insurance Binder



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